The Video Sales Funnel

Today we are going to be breaking down the four aspects of the video market funnel model.

Video Marketing is 50% content and 50% strategy. A great video marketing strategy to have is the Funnel. The funnel has 4 parts: Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight. Ideally your audience will start from the top of the funnel, and your videos will lead them down through each section. 

Attract is building brand awareness. This is where you introduce your company, your values, and give a positive first impression. Convert is educating your audience. What do you have to offer? Close is illustrating a solution. How can you better their lives with your brand? Delight is creating raving fans. Now that you’ve turned a lead into a customer, you want to keep engaging them with your business. 

You might be asking, how do I apply this to my company? If you divide the funnel into two parts, upper and lower, you can see what kinds of videos you need to make and what to measure for marketing success.

Upper Funnel Videos are the first step in your audience’s journey. Their purpose is to build brand loyalty and grab your audience’s attention. These include brand overview, company culture, and funny commercials. Views and view times are good metrics you want to measure and monitor. 

Lower Funnel Videos should lead to conversions and sales. These can be anything from product review, FAQ videos, and client testimonials. Therefore, conversions and goal completions are the metrics you want to focus on most. 

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