The Power of Captions and Transcriptions Part 1

Today we are talking about the silent hero of video, captions and transcriptions. Your viewers might be in a meeting, a car, class, or even sitting on a toilet when they watch your video. Wherever they may be, you want to make sure you don’t hinder their ability to get the most out of your videos. According to Digiday, up to 85% of videos on Facebook are viewed with the sound off. 

Video transcripts increase search traffic. Search engines can’t watch a video or listen to audio, but they do index text. Transcripts enable search engines to ingest your multimedia content and index it accordingly. One study by Live Clicker compared 37 webpages before and after adding transcripts. Pages with transcripts earned an average 18% more revenue than they did before transcripts were added. 

Closed Captions videos also rank higher in search results. Unlike the other content in your video, closed captions come from a text file that your video references as it plays. That text file is readable by search engine bots and gives your video a higher ranking. Discovery Digital Networks, DDN, performed an experiment on their YouTube channel, comparing videos with and without closed captions. They found that close captioned videos have 7% more views on average than videos without closed captions. In the same experiment DDN proved that closed captions were indexed by search bots. The test was done by using a phrase that appeared nowhere in the video title, description, or metadata except for it’s captions. The video showed up fourth in search results on youtube. 

Closed captions increase engagement. The main way close captions increase viewership is because they keep the viewer engaged regardless of the access to audio. It’s especially important in mobile video viewing environments. Ready for some more data? Facebook found that captions increase video views by 12% compared with uncaptioned videos. A study conducted by PLYMedia measured a 40% increase on views for captioned videos. They also found viewers were 80% more likely to watch a video to completion when close captions were available. 

Now onto transcriptions. Transcriptions have multiple uses. Not many companies have time to write brand-new content every day, which is why repurposing content is a vital technique in content marketing. A high quality video transcript can be shared on other mediums or used to create other types of content. Depending on the video’s subject a transcript can also create blog articles, guides, email campaigns, eBooks, and social media posts.

Video Transcripts align your SEO keyword strategy. A video transcript helps craft your SEO strategy each time you build a video’s page. If you are targeting keywords like “customized marketing logos” but “custommade, artistic logos” is repeatedly spoken throughout the video, you should adjust your onpage video SEO elements to match this phrasing. 

If all this data isn’t enough for you, there’s one more reason to add transcripts to your videos, which is the improved accessibility. The World Health Organization reports that more than 466 million people in the world have disabling hearing loss. This included an estimated 10 million people in the US alone who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Captioning brings access to your video content. 

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