How To Create the Perfect Client Testimonial Video?

How do we create the perfect client testimonial video? We follow a proven three-step process to ensure we get a compelling and powerful client testimonial video for our clients. We call it the  PSA system, or problem, solution, appeal. Keep in mind, this three-step process is not industry sensitive, meaning if you’re in a room of personal injury lawyers, AC technicians, chiropractors, or a hundred other professions, we follow this same formula. 

First off, we want to know the problem the client was facing. Before making a purchase, we are looking for a service or product that will fix a problem we’re experiencing. Whatever the situation in life is, we want it either gone, minimized, or rerouted. Our First step is to establish the issue at hand. Let’s say you build beautiful custom pools. Your clients, before buying a pool from you, probably felt they couldn’t entertain guests. They wanted an outdoor oasis, a peaceful place to unwind at the end of the day. So, they decided to start investing in a breathtaking pool, brick pavers, outdoor kitchen, patio furniture, and more to make that dream a reality. On a side note, communicating a problem creates curiosity, empathy, and engagement because the viewer wants to know what happens in the story.

Secondly, we want to know what the solution was that fixed the problem. What was the experience like? What did the company do? What was the process? How did the pool company in our example create a peaceful oasis that can also entertain guests? We ask those questions to pull out details in the story. This vital step further connects the viewers to the story, allowing them to feel happiness, as well as showing off what the final product looked like. 

Lastly, we want to know the appeal. Why does the client recommend the company? What impressed them about the experience? Why do they deserve trust from others? This is the appeal on behalf of the company giving the testimonial to.

These three steps are simple, yet crucial for effective storytelling. Not only do they enlist an emotional response, but they show how a company overcomes problems, solves them with creative solutions, and deserves trust. 

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