Will You Be One of the 900,000?

Will you be one of the 900,000? 900,000 businesses went out of business last year. Was it because they weren’t good at what they did? Some, sure, but I’m venturing to guess that most were not because of lack of skill. I would make a nice $100 bet that it was because of something more basic – lack of advertising!

Advertising and marketing is an investment. It is the fuel that keeps your engine running. Sure you can coast on momentum, but there comes a time when the momentum stops and you stall. Video production is an incredible investment that won’t only keep you moving, but create so much power, your biggest issue will be how to hire enough people to fulfill the incoming orders.
You might ask, “Are videos really going to help me?” Here are some stats for your noggin:

More video is uploaded in 30 days than most US TV networks have created in 30 years. Mind blown! Nearly 80% of all online traffic is video content. 45% of Americans report to watch a minimum of 1 hour of online video content each week. Are the stats the same for billboard consumption, blog read throughs, pay per click, and so on. The answer is “NO!” Video takes the cake with user engagement and consumption. So, get out there. Make some videos and don’t be one of the 900,000! If you have any questions on how we can help you minimize loosing clients and build brand awareness, please reach out to us today! Please like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to us on YouTube and hit the bell notification so you will get notified whenever we upload new content.
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