Behind the Scenes with Bay to Bay Roofing

Bay to Bay Roofing came to us to get more brand awareness and sales from videos. They had produced local TV spots with Spectrum before and found them to be cheesy and cookie-cutter. Upon watching our videos, they realized JL Video was what they were looking for. They wanted our creativity, professionalism, and out-of-the-box approach. We decided on three videos to do: 1) a bad roofer spoof where we over dramatized three bad roofers to show the difference of them and Bay to Bay; 2) a family focused commercial showing a family who is protected by a roof over their heads; 3) a man who has a terrible leak in his ceiling in which water pours on his head.

The production couldn’t have gone any smoother. We produced all three videos in one day at two locations in Pasco County. We brought five production members on set, including a director, producer, two videographers, and one gaffer. Each scene was well scripted out down to each shot and movement. Our client was thrilled with the turn-out.┬áThe videos were received well by viewers and they continued to use the videos to get more brand awareness and sales. Videos are an incredible tool for doing just that. There’s no better marketing and advertising asset that can create such emotional connection to the brand than video.

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