Behind the Scenes with the City of New Port Richey

We had the honor of being contracted out by the City Manager and Mayor of New Port Richey to produce a video that would inspire people to visit the newly renovated and upgraded Downtown New Port Richey. We were excited to use some new gear (Laowa 24mm F/14 Probe Lens) and a new shooting technique (the truck forward movement on a Edlekrone slider attached to a Manfrotto tripod, but positioned downward). The Laowa Probe Lens and the shot technique can be see at 0:22, 0:32, and 0:38.

The pre-production began early 2019 with a meeting with the City Manager and the Director of Parks and Recreation. With the goal of inspiring people to visit the downtown area, we wanted to showcase the most impressive, newest restaurants, waterfront activities, cafes, shopping, etc. We created a list of approximately 15 shooting locations, all to be completed in 2 days! When planning, we knew our crew size had to be larger for us, allowing for ample time to shoot everything chosen. We wanted to go all out because of the exposure the video would generate for us, in addition to wanting to make sure every detail was covered to shed the best light on the downtown area.

We brought a crew of 5 guys to complete, comprising of a Director, Producer, 2 Cinematographers, and a Grip. Our team created a very detailed shot list and had quite a few meetings to best coordinate and choreograph our movements. At a few points, we separated into 2 groups to stay on track. Some restaurants had tight windows that we could film in so we didn’t interrupt their normal operations. That brought some complexity to our production, but we managed to knock out all 15 locations in less than 2 days! You can watch the video here.

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