3 Videos You Should Produce Right Now

Commercials? Client testimonials? Vlogging? Crazy cat videos attacking people? There are so many videos you could produce in your business. Which ones should you do right now? Here are our list of the 3 videos you should produce in your business now.

1. Brand Overview

This is your foundation! You must have a brand overview so people know the essentials about your company. Building future videos on top of this video will support your brand video and stem from it. The biggest take away from a content strategy standpoint is to tell your why. Educate your audience on your purpose, core values, your beliefs, your convictions, the back story of why you got started, what drives you, etc. Telling the “why” behind your company will drive engagement and buy-in. Only mentioning your “what” and “who” doesn’t motivate and inspire much – it is white noise in a very noisy room. In this video, you should keep it to under 2:00 long. Remember, you can always create off-shoot videos or video series that go into other detail.

2. Client Testimonial

Have you ever researched a company to potentially do business with? You thought they looked promising, but so did a few other companies. You looked at their services, offerings, warranties, branding, website, etc. and thought they looked promising. However, the differentiating feature that caused you to go with them were the testimonials. Testimonials speak volumes to prospects because it connects them to the person, it validates their feelings and experiences, and it evokes emotion. People want to feel validated and assured that they aren’t making a stupid decision when moving forward. You add music, amazing drone and 4K shots, and a well edited story – you’re set to land clients by showing them videos of your clients raving on and on. Keep these to 1:00-1:30 long. If your client speaks about many experiences that are hard to cut down, make a few videos from it. Remember: content is king, and consistency is king!

3. Frequently Asked Question Videos

Think of these videos as your infantry. They kick butt and get work done! You should do many of these videos. Think of questions your prospects ask. This is key! Don’t make videos from cute questions you have that no one really cares about. Get in the mind of your clients and direct questions that would bring the most value to them. At JL Video, our clients are typically 40-50 years old, have 2.5 kids, drive a Mercedes, BMW, Tesla, Maserati, or Audi, travel 2-4 times per year, enjoy boating, owns a 10-50 employee company with $1MM-$50MM company. They want to know, “How are videos going to make me look the biggest and best in my field? How often should I post? Where do I post the videos?” Use frequently asked question videos to stay in touch with your clients and prospects. Upload these to social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) regularly. Your desire to grow your business and gain more clients is directly correlated to how many videos you produce. Additionally, do email campaigns with the video in it. You’ll find that your clients will email you back thanking you for the content and requesting to meet for more services. It’s pretty amazing!

Of course, there are so many more videos you could do. We consider this the trifecta in our space and non-negotiable. Go out there, hire a professional if you can afford one, and watch your business grow using literally the world’s best marketing asset!