Facebook VS. YouTube Videos

Unless you’ve been frozen for a while and just got dethawed like Han Solo, you probably know that YouTube and Facebook are a pretty big deal – especially for videos. Here’s some helpful information about the Facebook videos and YouTube videos. YouTube is 11.3x larger than Facebook. However, Facebook video viewers are quicker to engage. Natively uploaded Facebook videos have ten times higher reach compared to copying and pasting a YouTube video link in a Facebook post. YouTube videos are the standard video hosting platform to embed videos on websites. YouTube videos are more searchable because of Google’s integration. However, Facebook video viewers tend to share videos more frequently than YouTube viewers.

So, that’s all fine and dandy, but what does that mean? It means you ought to use both platforms, but have a strategy for how to reach your audience with these platforms. For example, is your strategy to reach millennial males who like to skateboard? Or, is your strategy to go national with your product? You must start with your goal first and then work towards it. With video marketing, it isn’t always better to throw money and hope your video goes viral. Viral is okay for certain situations. For the majority, going after qualified, warm leads is what we encourage. We always encourage our clients to upload their videos on YouTube to then post on their website, and post the same videos natively in Facebook. From there, they can run specific ads to various groups of people, gender, habits, interests, and more. Now with the integration of YouTube ads into YouTube videos, customers can now run ads on YouTube as well. Yes, this can be annoying for some, but it is another way to reach your audience with your products and services.

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