How Videos Rank You Online

Online videos are everywhere these days! We see them, share them, like them, save them, and download them. But, how do online videos rank you? Well, for starters, it is important to note that videos are like Hugh Jackman. They carry a lot of weight, they look good on Google, and make people feel all warm and fuzzy…well, more for some. Companies using videos enjoy 41% more traffic than companies without video (Adelie Studios).

How Online Videos Rank You Higher

Videos also weigh more to Google and are worth more ranking power. In other words, videos will rank higher than blogs, pictures, and graphics. This is huge because it shows that videos pack a bigger punch, help make you stand out above your competition, and prove to be a good investment. When a company invests their marketing and advertising dollars, they want to allocate it to places that yield positive returns. Video is an incredible avenue for a company to pursue. More and more each day, video is becoming prominent in the way businesses communicate. It only makes sense to follow where people are going and get involved in video.

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