3 Reasons To Produce Videos For Your Organization

It is no secret that videos are everywhere. They’re on your phone, your computer, your TV, and on and on. The question today is, “why produce them?”

The first reason is: videos increase traffic to your website, both from SEO value and social media. YouTube and Google are owned by the same people, which is extremely powerful because Google incorporates YouTube videos in searches. When organizations put videos on their social media platforms and link back to their website, that drives traffic to their site as well.

The second reason is: videos put you on the right track for faster revenue. Did you know that businesses with professionally produced videos grow revenue 49% faster than companies without professional videos?

And the third reason is: videos build an engaging, organic, and loyal audience. Videos break down barriers, make you human, and offer your services in a personable light. For more information about JL Video and how you can get started inspiring your audience with videos, please click here or call (727) 247-2013. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon!