5 Reasons To Add Videos To Your Website

Hey what’s up guys? Jordan here with JL Video and today we’re going to talk about 5 reasons why you should add videos to your website. So, stick around, and enjoy these free goodies. Videos play a crucial roll in how our society communicates. How many times have you shared a funny video on social media or texted it to your friends? Probably on a weekly basis. Question: how many times are people sharing your stuff? Or better question: what are you giving your followers to share around?

If your answers are, “I don’t know,” and, “nothing,” then make sure you turn up your hearing aids because this may help your business or organization drastically. So, here’s the first reason:

One: Videos are proven to grab the attention of viewers. Here are some cool, nerdy stats to back this up. Videos provide a 74% increase in visitors’understanding of a product. 80% of users remember the videos they watch online. 46% of users take action after viewing a video online.

Two: Videos make you stand out. Keep in mind that video marketing is still relatively new compared to print marketing, newspaper ads, and billboards. Online videos have only really been popular for about 10 years. Videos are unique and unlike any other marketing avenues. The majority of businesses are not harnessing the power of video marketing. The question is: will you decide to stand out or hang out in the shadows?

Three: Videos cut down the time it takes to build trust. How long does it take you to give a sales presentation? How long do you have to prepare for that to make it effective? Sometimes a 1-2 minute long video can do what it takes you 1-2 hours to do. Videos are great for letting people see your personality, humor, and a feel for your company’s heartbeat.

Four: Videos help sell your business or organization while you’re asleep. How would you like a tool that grows your business without you or your staff working? Welcome to the world of video marketing! Videos rank you higher on search engines. This little search engine called Google is the number one search engine and closely behind it is YouTube. With these two platforms being brother and sister, the more videos, the more likely you are to gain business and company awareness. When you go to sleep, your prospective clients could be learning about you and ready to invest.

Five: Videos connect you to your audience. People carry this little device called a smart phone everywhere … even in bathrooms! Can we have an honest moment? How many of you guys play games or surf the web while you’re … Well …. in the bathroom? According to Daily News, 84% of the world says they couldn’t go without their phone for a single day. So, wherever you go, your phone is statistically 15 feet or less away from you. Harness the power of online marketing videos that end up on the phones of your consumers.

Are you convinced that videos are the way to go? We certainly think online video marketing is the next greatest strategy to gaining new customers, increasing positive experiences, and sharing the uniqueness of your company or organization. For more information about our company and what we do, visit us online, engage with us on social media, and feel free to call us anytime. As always, thanks for checking out this video. I’m Jordan with JL Video. Catch you later.